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Earth To Palm: Change The Foleo’s Browser To Safari

Earth To Palm: Change The Foleo’s Browser To Safari

It's clear now, given that Apple has offered Safari for Windows, that Opera on the recently-announced Palm Foleo is looking like an even bigger.... Google still aims to bring Earth to Apple's Safari browser, but admitted in its blog post that "we still have some work to do" before it can make that happen. Google said last year that Earth would support Safari once Apple adds "better support for WebGL2" in the browser.. Engadget published Dear Palm: It's time for an intervention Basically, it's nothing new. ... Earth To Palm: Change The Foleo's Browser To Safari. Google is still working on polishing the experience on Edge, Firefox, and Opera, and bringing the app to other browsers, Safari included.. Google is launching support for its Earth web app on Firefox, Edge, and Opera. Apple's Safari browser won't be supported just yet, but support is planned for a ... Google beta tested a switch from its NaCI implementation to.... Google Earth comes to Firefox and Edge but not Safari (yet) Google Earth is one of the nicest experiences you can have in a web browser, and yet it only worked in Google Chrome until now. On Wednesday, Google announced that Earth now works in Firefox, Edge, and Opera browsers.. When Google ditched its desktop Earth app in favor of a web-only experience, ... so to get the product to other browsers, Google had to switch gears. ... It also plans to bring Google Earth to Apple's Safari browser in the future.. A Post-iPhone Craze? Record Blog Traffic: Apple iPhone Vs. Palm Foleo Earth To Palm: Change The Foleo's Browser To Safari What Foleo...


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